INFINITY...........THE MUST HAVE BOX .........

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INFINITY...........THE MUST HAVE BOX ......... Empty INFINITY...........THE MUST HAVE BOX .........

Post  ADMIN on Mon Sep 24, 2007 8:30 am

INFINITY...........THE MUST HAVE BOX ......... Pic_generator_m

Infinity Box
As the name suggests Infinity Box is your key to the infinite opportunties that the mobile phone software busienss has to offer in the future. With the rapid growth of Mobile Phone business and new models coming up virturaly every week your business needs a tool to stay upto date with the market demand. We at infinity box strive to give you that key advantage over your competitors.

Supported Models
Aiko: 17G, 51G, 52G
Airam: M342
Airness: Air99, MK99
Airtel: Cordless_FGD8900
AK-Mobile: AK760i
Alcatel: E15x_16x_25x, OT152
Amstrad: S288
Anycall: 1689, other
Anycool: D66, D66+, other
Asus: V75, V80
Audiovox: GPRS748, GSM609
AUX-Mobile: M780, M855, M868, Z33, other
Avivo: 1950g, 1960g
BenQ-Siemens: A38, A500, C71A, CF61, CL71, E61, EF51, EF61, EF71, M100, M220, M300, M305, M315, M350, M580, S700, S80, S82, S88
Bird: D611, D612, D630, D650, D660, D670, D706, D716, D720, D730, D736, S1120, S1180C, S1186, S198, S199, S288, S299, S570, S688, S788, V09, V10, other
BLCOM: V8, other
Bleu: 251s, 550x, 551x, 651x, 651Z
BMW: A8, other
Camry: V138, other
Cect: 3360, 505, 8110+, 838+, 8380, 8380-PDA, 8800, 888+, 9988, A520, A606, A666, B8, C600, C6111, D900, E591, E680, E680i, E818, I530, i658, i70, K328, K808, K86, M1818, M1818-PDA, M530, N1000, N168, N1818, N73, N788, N95, O2R, P168, P8100+, P8300, P9100, Q300, Q300A, Q302, Q306, Q500, Q610, Q618-2sim-PDA, Q86, S500, S500-O2S, S500-PDA, S500-PDA-02Mini-3D-Sound, S560, S588, S800+, T410, T520, T590, T688i, T688-PDA, T689, T718, U880, U8800, U90, V180, V400, V6, V668, V8, other
Chinese-Motorola: A1200, A606, K1, V230, V3, V33, V333, V336, V666, other
Chinese-Nokia: 3230, 3230C, 3250, 3280, 3680, 5200, 6131i, 6200, 6280, 6280i, 6288, 6288-PDA, 6300, 6300C, 6300i, 6500, 6621, 6680, 6708, 7260, 7380, 8030, 8030-2sim, 8800, 8800+, 8800A, 8800i, 8800S, 8830, 9900, E60, E60i, E60-PDA, E89, E95, M5700+, M77, N288, N290, N39, N4, N600, N606, N66, N66-2sim, N668, N66i, N67, N67i, N68, N688, N7, N70, N70i, N72, N72i, N73, N730, N73-2sim, N73C, N73C-2sim, N73D, N73G, N73i, N73L, N73-PDA, N75, N77, N77i, N78, N78-2sim, N788, N78s, N79, N80, N800, N81, N82, N8201, N82i, N83, N85, N86, N88, N8800, N8800L, N888, N8888, N88A, N88c, N88i, N88s, N89, N9, N90, N900, N90s, N91, N91i, N91i-TV, N92, N92G, N92i, N9-2sim, N93i, N93i-2sim, N94, N94s, N95, N95+, N95-2sim, N95C, N95i-2sim-music-edition, N95i-slider, N95-PDA, N95S-2sim, N95-slider, N96, N96i, N96i-2sim, N96-PDA, N97i, N98, N98i, N98K, N99, N990, N99-2sim, N99B, N99i, N99N, S89, T98, V8800, Veptu, Vertu, other
Chinese-Pocket-PC: 1688-2sim, other
Chinese-Samsung: D500i, D520i, D600i, D820, D828, D860i, D900, D958, E680, E700, E708, E708+, E712D, E730+, E738, E760i, E900, Q101, X180, X810, other
Chinese-Sharp: P810, other
Chinese-Sony-Ericsson: K288, K750, K750C, K750i, K758, K790i, K800, K800i, K808, K809, P800, P990i, V666, V700, W610i, W660, W700, W800, W800i, W880i, other
Chinese-Vertu: Royal, other
Cosun: 289, 512, C512, N73i, other
DBTel: J6
Dirland: E307, P708
Dubao: 758, 777, other
Elitek: GT101YN, other
Elson: E800, ESL808, MP500, SL308, SL900
Emblaze: Sting6
Enteos: i-BD620
Everfo: E32, E591, E711D, E713D, E730, E863, E866, other
Ezio: E300, E800, ESL808, MP500, SL308, SL900, other
Fly: 2040, 2040i, 2060, 2080, FT10, M100, MP220, MP300, MP400, MP500, MP600, MX200, MX200i, MX230, MX300, SL200, SL300m, SL400m, SL500i, SL500m, SL600, SL600-Vodafone, SX210, SX240, SX300, V40, V50, X3, X7, Z200, Z300, Z300a, Z400, Z500
FUN: N73, other
GEO: G1, GV500, Gv880
G-net: G409-mini, other
Gradiente: GC300, GF500, GF760, GF910, GF910i, GF930, GF930i, GF950, GF970, Vibe
G-Star: 618, G2, G6, GM108, GM128, GM208, GM308, GM318, GM328, GM329, GM338, GM508, GM528, GM608, GM618, GM618-Slim, GM809, GM851, GM896, GM896M, other
GT-Mobile: 450, other
Haier: Z1000
Holleycomm: H3270, other
Huawei: C2205, C2285
Huayu: K888, other
Hutch: Usha-Laxus
Hyundai: H350, L480, MP318, MP510, MP718, MP728, MP738
I-Mobile: 100, 301, 306, 308, 313, 508, 510, 511, 600, 601, 602, 603, 604, 606, 608, 609, 609i, 610, 611, 901, 902, BlackIce, other
ITel: IT600, other
Kaiqi: N107, other
Kejian: K508, M680, other
Kingpo: E302, other
Kinlong: K228i, other
KN-Mobile: KN200, KN300, KN310, KN400, KN500
Konka: A26M, C636, C926, C966, D163, EC001, M910
KTech: N8899, other
Leady: X501, other
Lenovo: E300, E307, P708, P710, V707
LG: B2050, B2060, B2070, B2100, C1100, C1150, C2200, C2500, C2600, C3300, C3320, C3400, G1800, KG110, KG120, KG130, KG190, KG200, KG220, KG225, KG240, KG270, KG271, KG275, KG276, KG278, KG280, KG300, KG320, KP200, KP202, L342i, L343i, MG101, MG110, MG120, MG160, MG161, MG225, MG230, MG280, MG320
Luxury: G851, other
Malata: M696, other
Maximus: EX60, other
Medion: 2860, MD-95100
Motorola: C113(a), C114, C115, C115i, C116, C117, C118, C119, C121, C122, C123, C136, C138, C139, C140, C141c, C155, C156, C157, C168, C168i, C257, C261, E365, F3, V170, V171, V172, V173, V175, V176, V177, V690, V872, V878, W150, W150i, W170, W170C, W200, W205, W208, W209, W210, W220, W355, W370, W375
MP4: 6188, O2-mini, O2R, O2S, O2S-Dopod, PDA-K18, other
MTV: N73, other
My_Way: MW100
Narnia: 8088, V6, other
Nckia: M5700, other
Nec: E101, E121, E122, N200, N208, N342i, N343i, N344i, N650i, N910, N916, N917, N919
Nerys: N330
NewGen: C1000, C610, C620, C710, C800, E1000, E1100, E1200, Mars, S410, T1000
Nex: Mini, other
Noca: T856, T856-W88-PDA, other
Nokia: 1255
Nokla: N73-PDA, N77, N95, other
O2: Jet(J1), O2X1B, O2X1I, O2X2i, O2X3, O2X4, O2X7, O2XLI
O3: 818, other
Orange: TR1
Panasonic: A100, A101, A102, A200, A210, A500, G50, G51E, G51M, G60, G70, GD55, GD67, GD68, MX6, MX7, SA6, SA7, SC3, VS2, VS3, VS6, VS7, X100, X200, X300, X400, X500, X60, X66, X68, X70, X700, X701, X77
Pantech: C120, C3, G800, G900, GB300, PG-1000, PG-1200, PG-1210, PG-1400, PG-1410, PG-1500, PG-3000, PG-3200, PG-3210, PG-3500, PG-3600, PG-6100, PG-C300, PN210
Philips: 568, 768, 960, S200, S220, S660, S800, S890
Porsche: Cayenne, other
Rex: P990, other
Sambao: N95, other
Samsung: C140, C140i, C260, C260M, C266, C300, E900, X120, X140
Sands: A203, P908, other
Sanyo: S750
Schauen: N16, other
SED: 838+, V630, other
Siemens: AP75, CFX65, CL75, SFG75, ST55, ST60
Simoco: SM377, other
Sitronics: SM8190, SM8290
Skyzen: EZ300, EZ400, EZ500, EZ600, EZ800
Smarj: S70, other
Smart: G831, V800, other
Song: A168, other
Sony-Ericsson: J100(i), J110i, J120i, K310, K320, K510, K550, K60x, K610, K618, K750, K758, K790, K800, K810, S500, V600, V630, W200, W300, W550, W580, W600, W610, W660, W700, W710, W800, W810, W830, W850, W880, W888, W900, Z310, Z520, Z525, Z530, Z550, Z558, Z610, Z710
Spice: D88, S400, S404, S410, S450, S5, S500, S530, S540, S555, S600, S640, S8, S800, S900
Sprint: 7700, other
Suny-ericssom: Cyber-shot-P999, other
Swatch: M300, other
TCL: 3188+, 3188M, 3188U, 718, 728, 738, E330, GQ05, M361, M388, M530, M580, M586, M819, Q510, Q515, Q550, T106, T108, T550, T558, T766, T939, U58, V18, V6, other
Tecno: D100, M280, T600, T800, V410, V500, V801, X200, X200i, X210, other
Tevion: MD96110
Thomson: TN320, TN710
Toshiba: TS10, TS30, TS608
Trend: T100, T181, other
UCOO: U38, other
Usha: Laxus
UTstarcom: GPRS748, GPRS758, GPRS778, GPRS779, GSM708, GSM718, GSM719
Veptu: 8088, other
Virgin_Lobster: Lobster-485, Lobster-544, Lobster-575, MicroSnapper
Vitel: TSM1, TSM2, TSM3, TSM4, TSM5m, TSM6
VK-Mobile: VG207, VK200, VK200_unlock, VK2000, VK2010, VK2020, VK207i, VK3100, VK4000, VK4500, VK500, VK518, VK520, VK530, VK540, VK550, VK560, VK570, VK580, VK700, VK800, VK900
Voxtel: 3iD, BD50, BD60, RX11, RX600, RX800, V500, VS600, VS800
Xingtai: 338, other
XTelecom: X3128, other
Xunchi: 138, other
Zetta: A10
Zonda: G1840, G1860, G1880
ZT: 6618, 6668, other
ZTC: 588, A5, A990, P8500, S508, ZT11, ZT199, ZT321, ZT508, ZT580, ZT588, ZT6618, ZT6668, ZT89, ZT918, ZTS508, other
ZTE: 201, 2010, 202, 203, 204, 225, 7310, 7610, A12+, A35, A37, A80

CDMA models:
Huawei: C2205, C2285
Nokia: 1255
Motorola: C141c, W150, W150i, W170, W170C, W200, W210, W355
ZTE: Classic 201, 202, 203, 204

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INFINITY...........THE MUST HAVE BOX ......... Empty i need this box

Post  qaisermemon on Tue Sep 25, 2007 4:36 am

sir i need this box for the use of china mobile
is this working properly..
i want this to pakistan
is this possible to you send me via dhl or any other
my mobile no is 00923002561626+00923222030208
thnx for coperation
allah hafiz

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