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1. Current language: english:

Speak english so that everybody can understand.


Before you Post New Topic use the search button to avoid same topics

Before posting scan your program to only, for better result.

Put picture of Your program and virus scan result, you can upload your images to

Post Your download link of your program. Upload your files to or oR N E OTHER GOOD SITES

Try To Choose Apropriate Titles That Tells What's The Content Of The Topic , OtherWise Title Will Be Changed

Please refer to this topic for instructions or description on how to use it

Post every programs to the right section,Wrong Topics Will Be Moved Or Deleted.

3.Warning Device::

Do not download and run programs if you have not Firewall and a good Anti virus installed in your system.

Dont Post Not Working Programs or Tools in our forum.

Dont post links or submit programs, softwares which are infected with trojan or keyloggers,Fake Loggin,Password Stealer

If You Post Program have infected Trojan or keyloggers and harmful program no warning Advice automatic You Will Be banned.

You can Post Program That Have Virus witch is Not HarmFul.

If You Are Not Sure To your Program a 100% Safe Send The File To NEWVIRUS@KASPERSKY.COM And Kaspersky Lab Will Give You The Scan Result After 3 Hours.

If you post program or tools with have virus,backdoor,trojan,hacktool etc
please before you post your tools in our forum send the file to
NEWVIRUS@KASPERSKY.COM And Kaspersky Lab Will Give You The Scan Result After 3 Hours and
if the scan result is |---> New malicious software was found in this file. It's detection will be
included in the next update. Thank you for your help. <---| Will appear, dont post your program
in our forum cuz its mean your program is harmful but if you try to fuck My forum and
post your fucking harmful program no advice,automatically you will be ban in this forum,
but if the kaspersky lab result is |---> No malicious software was found in the attached file <---|,will appear.
you can post your program in this forum cuz its mean your program is not harmful or clean
and safe

4.Spamming :

Posting Same Message Twice Or More Or Posting UnUseFul Messages. Then Messages Will Be automatic Deleted.

Dont Post or Reply Messages That Are Not Connected to the Topic

Bad Words : Don't Use Bad Words, OtherWise Posts Will Be Deleted.

Duplicate Posts : Duplicate Posts Will Be automatic Deleted.

Dont flood any site in our forum.

5.To be a nice Member:

Help other members, Be friendly with others, especially To newly members.

Respect decisions of the staff under any circumstances, as their decisions will be final.

If you have a problem with another member of this community, use the Personal Message ( PM ) system to inform the Staff member such as: ( Moderators or Administrators ) about the situation and we will try to make things straight.

Do not be an ghost downloader to the forum

No Offending : We Are All Brothers And Sisters In The Forums,No Gender or Discrimination Etc... All are fair .


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